Farm to Table experience

Open-air kitchen

For a dining experience that brings you even closer to nature, we invite you to book your farm to table experience at Perivoli, our organic garden and open-air kitchen, set in a secluded spot and embraced by a disarming landscape of unique natural beauty.


Learn the basics of Cretan cooking

Perivoli is only open for the full farm to table cooking & dining experience which includes a tour of the orchards and fresh, seasonal vegetable picking before a two-hour cooking lesson through which we prepare Cretan dishes together, using a traditional firewood oven. Learn the basics of Cretan cooking plus insightful tips on how to really elevate your dishes. Once the food is ready, the delectable feast of authentic Cretan cuisine begins. Savour some of the all-time classic dishes that are cherished by local households and passed on from one generation to the next.

Other Restaurants & Bars


Kapsaliana Restaurant

The main restaurant where you can indulge in breakfast feasts that give you ample energy to start your day strong as well as delectable lunches to keep you going. Discover the culinary identity of Kapsaliana Restaurant and its menus therein.

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Elaia Restaurant

Elaia Restaurant

Dinner at Elaia is an inimitable, fine-dining and all-senses experience that goes hand in hand with the high expectations of your holidays at Kapsaliana Village Hotel. Discover the culinary identity of Elaia Restaurant and its menus therein.

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Kapsaliana lemons

Lemonies Cocktail Bar

Named after the blooming lemon trees surrounding this cosy spot, our Lemonies Cocktail Bar exudes a romantic yet relaxed ambiance and constitutes the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing, sunset drink or a nightcap under the stars. Discover more therein.

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Levanda Bar Kapsaliana

Levanda Pool Bar

Levanda, meaning lavender in Greek, is the pool & snack bar of Kapsaliana Village Hotel.

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