Margarites village

Margarites Village

Margarites village is located around 20 km from Kapsaliana Village Hotel, and boasts a long tradition in ceramic art. In fact, it is a listed traditional settlement where pottery has been the main occupation and source of income of its inhabitants until recently. Visiting it will offer you a picturesque window into modern village life

Eleftherna - Ancient city & Museum

Eleftherna- Ancient city & Museum

At a distance of 9km from Kapsaliana, nestled in the slope of Mount Ida, the ancient city of Eleftherna, has existed, and flourished, for a very long time. The birthplace of poet Linos, philosopher Diogenes, and sculptor Timochares, Eleftherna was built in the 9th century B.C. while it prospered until 796 A.C. Most traces of

Arkadi Monastery


The historic Arkadi Monastery is located 4km from Kapsaliana Village Hotel. It is the secondmost visited place in Crete after the archaeological site of Knossos. A pivotal stronghold of the Cretans during their struggle for independence, Arkadi Monastery played an instrumental role in abolishing the Ottoman Occupation.