Guardians of a place that has existed long before us, we were inspired by nature’s beauty and the wisdom of times gone by, to create a one off holiday resort that redefines luxury and the concept of the good life.

Propelled by love and awe for this magical place set amidst Crete’s largest olive grove, we embarked on an exciting- albeit sometimes daunting- journey; which was to last for almost four decades. Even though we didn’t realise it from the beginning, our aim had always been to breathe new life into Kapsaliana in Rethymnon, Crete-the once thriving, autonomous community built around an old olive mill.

Still a work in progress, Kapsaliana Village, a historical hotel in Rethymno, Crete which has been characterized by Presidential Decree as of “High Cultural Value”, nowadays constitutes a novel travel proposal: One that seamlessly blends intelligent luxury with authentic, bespoke experiences; one where discovery is a way of life; and the quest for equilibrium the ultimate objective.

Kapsaliana Village hotel pays homage to the past; celebrates the present; and paves the way to a more a balanced, sustainable future. With our hosts as your personal guide, we invite you to explore and revel in the possibility of each moment. For here, time melts away as you lose yourself in experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Welcome to a world of serenity and wonder. Welcome to Kapsaliana Village hotel!

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Discover the hotel

Discover the hotel



Member of the Historic Hotels of Europe, Kapsaliana Village near Rethymno, Crete

is like no other. Declared with presidential decree as of High Cultural Vale, Kapsaliana pioneers the modern-day imperative for back-to-nature/ back-to-basics luxury holidays.

Less is more in our case; as the need for striping off contemporary excess and replacing it with balance and equilibrium, becomes nowadays more imperative than ever.

In fact it is the actual story of the place that has inspired and shaped its current day manifestation. Once a thriving, sustainable community of 50 inhabitants centered around a prolific olive mill, Kapsaliana in Rethymnon, Crete eventually atrophies; until architect Myron Toupoyannis discovers it, falls in love and decides to give it the kiss of life. Drawing inspiration from the very principles that guided existence at Kapsaliana since time immemorial-respect of nature and fellow human beings, autonomy, sustainability and collaboration-Kapsaliana, was transformed into a unique complex of suites in Crete, blending balance with indulgence.

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The transformation





The reinvention, restoration and restructuring of Kapsaliana Village historical hotel in Rethymnon was a lengthy process which took the better part of four decades. Not a small feat, nor an easy task, it involved diligent planning, painstaking work, loads of love, abundant patience, persistence and creative thinking and perhaps a dose of ingenious cunning.

The 21st century version of Rethymnon Kapsaliana, though serving a different function, has preserved the settlement’s initial architecture and spatial planning.

The olive oil mill, church, utility rooms and former residences have been gradually transformed into an opulent -yet not ostentatious- complex of rooms and suites, a restaurant, a swimming pool and lounge area; with due respect to the vernacular building methods and techniques and the use of natural, time honoured, materials, such as wood, stone and terracotta.

Characterized by Presidential Decree as of “High Cultural Value”, Kapsaliana Village hotel is an iconic example of traditional Cretan architecture featuring clear geometric volumes, one or two-storey structures interconnected with courtyards, stone stairs and carved arches.

Though archetypal of the past, Kapsaliana Village hotel is in effect timeless: An ageless community in which time stands still; and which has the power to charm visitors from all over the planet.

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