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The art of nature and hospitality at Kapsaliana Village Hotel. Welcome to Kapsaliana Village Hotel, a picturesque village in Crete rewrites its history. Welcome to a corner of the island full of tradition, history and authenticity, created by gods and humans.

A unique place of natural beauty, peace and tranquility, where accommodation facilities are fully harmonized with the enchanting landscape.

With full respect to the authenticity and village’s long presence throughout centuries, we have given new life and breath to a piece of land which stands out for its uniqueness and distinctive character all over Crete. Welcome to Kapsaliana Village Hotel, an exceptional hotel settlement that follows the traces of the past, fully inspired and beautifully integrated with its natural environment.

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Discover the Hotel

Discover the Hotel


the Hotel

Member of the Historic Hotels of Europe, Kapsaliana Village Hotel in Crete offers accommodation profoundly different from any other in the Mediterranean. A holiday experience in a village which has been fully restored with high respect to the history and architecture of this land.

Kapsaliana was part of the Arkadi Monastery. The story of the settlement starts in 1600 with the construction of the church, and continues with the creation of the olive oil mill in 1763. More people then came to the area to work on the olive trees and land, and built houses around the olive oil mill which, during the peak era, accommodated 13 families and 50 people.

Nowadays, the settlement of Kapsaliana has been converted with love and artistry into a unique hotel. With particular care and diligent work the olive oil mill, the church and the utility rooms were gradually transformed into rooms and suites, restaurant, swimming pool and lounge.

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The Village Restoration





The process of restoration and restructuring of the village took a long period of painstaking works. With enthusiasm, passion and respect for the landscape and ambiance of the village, Myron Toupoyannis, the owner and an architect, worked for the revival of the village introducing the new face of Kapsaliana by fully preserving its initial architecture and spatial planning.

Using natural materials -such as wood, stone and terracotta- the houses, the olive oil mill and the church were restored to continue their long presence, while writing new pages in history by providing ideal accommodation options for unique vacations on the island of Crete.

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