Rebirth of History



A historical monastic village

Tucked in the heart of the greatest olive grove in Europe, Kapsaliana village was once a real settlement, inextricably linked with the emblematic 16th century Arkadi Monastery. Restored to incredible effect, the walls vibrate with the memories of a deeply symbolic past, at the core of which was, and is, the olive tree.


& Now

An exemplary country-chic hotel

Kapsaliana Village Hotel embodies a fulfilling sense of pastoral awakening within the embrace of pristine nature. With an inspiring ethos of sustainability and service that is uncannily intuitive and wholeheartedly hospitable, it is characterized by effortless country elegance that revives the past, presenting it anew.

A historical hotel in Rethymno

with a newfound legacy

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Kapsaliana Village Hotel is equal to none, standing out on a multiplicity of levels. A breathtaking,natural location steeped in history and tradition; a paradigmatic work of architectural restoration; effortlessly chic accommodation; incredibly wholesome food and authentic experiences that carry meaning, all of which offer a holiday experience that transcends time, one where luxury and harmony are at an equilibrium.

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Dream away and count the plexus of stars that adorn the night in our country-chic collection of rooms, suites and villas that are the epitome of traditional elegance.


Savour flavours inspired by traditional Cretan recipes with a contemporary twist and the goodness of homegrown ingredients. Expand your palate’s horizons by joining us on a memorable culinary journey that lasts from morning until late at night.

Cretan Gastronomy

A wholesome yet delectable Mediterranean cuisine that blends deep appreciation with extensive knowledge of Cretan cooking with an eye to the future. We are as passionate about great food and sharing it with friends as did our Cretan ancestors, using vegetables from our garden and locally sourced raw materials from select, small producers before turning them into enticing gastronomic bombs that tantalize your senses.

Kapsaliana Taste


Delve into the simple pleasures of slow-paced village life as you explore all that is to experience on site. Discover the immense cultural & natural wealth of our environs as you venture out to nearby settlements and engage in activities within the greater region of our homeland.