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The Kapsaliana Village Hotel is located near the city of Rethymno and is a destination for all year round. Located right in the heart of a large olive grove in an area of outstanding natural beauty to be enjoyed by all guests of Kapsaliana Village Hotel during all four seasons.

Spring in Kapsaliana Village Hotel: A wonderful period for Kapsaliana Village Hotel starts. The celebration for the awakening and rebirth of nature is a wonderful occasion to live in the Kapsaliana Village Hotel. Blossoming flowers, air overflowing with natural aromas, wildflowers and other herbs that thrive in the area create a unique natural atmosphere.

Spring activities. Spring is the perfect season for lovers of walking and cycling, while in May you can visit the nearby beaches or celebrate the first day of May in a fantastic environment. The period of Easter is also a special experience as you will live the magic and solemnity of the feast. At the Monastery of Arkadi you will follow the procession of the Epitaph and the Resurrection of the Lord celebrated with brilliance in an evocative atmosphere.

Summer in Kapsaliana Village Hotel: The summer is undoubtedly one of the best times to enjoy the beauty of Kapsaliana and Crete. Sweet warm weather, cool evening breezes and wonderful sunshine allow you to discover all surrounding areas, swim in crystal clear waters of the nearby beaches , visit all highlight attractions, enjoy the sun by the pool of Kapsaliana Village Hotel near Rethymnon and relax in the tranquillity of the landscape. Live an unforgettable Greek summer experience staying in our exceptional hotel.

Summer activities. Swimming is one of the experiences that should not be missed. Yoga and massage in the hotel, walks and bike rides in the surrounding areas will bring you closer to the beauty of the region.

Autumn in Kapsaliana Village Hotel: Thanks to its geographical position at the southernmost region of Europe, Crete continues to have sunshine during autumn months. Especially in September and October, temperatures are high enough to enjoy your holiday visiting the points of interest in less crowded conditions. Autumn is definitely the most romantic period in Kapsaliana Village Hotel and the serenity of the landscape creates a dreamlike atmosphere.

Autumn activities. September in Kapsaliana village is the month when grapes are picked and the traditional raki of Crete is produced. The people of the hotel will provide you all necessary information about the places where you can watch the entire process. In autumn starts the period of the olive harvest (October and November) and this is an experience you have to live, if you are in Kapsaliana Village Hotel at that time. Do not miss the festival in the Monastery of Arkadi (November 8th) and the Arcadian Mini Marathon held annually, that attracts runners from all over the island.

Winter in Kapsaliana Village Hotel: Winter is a beautiful time to visit Crete and particularly the Kapsaliana Village Hotel. The rooms and suites with wood and stone create a warm atmosphere. Most rooms and suites have a fireplace, creating an idyllic ambiance for you and your company. The living room of Kapsaliana Village Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy your cup of coffee in winter.

Winter activities. For those who love hiking and skiing, a visit to Psiloritis mountain is unforgettable. During Christmas and New Year the Kapsaliana Village Hotel is preparing a series of festive surprises for visitors, while in February the great carnival of Rethymno gives you another reason to visit Crete and have fun with your friends! Finally, lovers can celebrate Valentine’s Day in the unique romantic suites of Kapsaliana Village Hotel.


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Arrival. Your arrival at Kapsaliana Village Hotel is special. The people of the hotel will offer you a glass of fresh lemonade or a liqueur, along with traditional Cretan delicacies, while you learn the historical background of Kapsaliana by watching a specially made video.

Breakfast at Kapsaliana Village Hotel near Rethymnon in Crete is a delicious and tasty experience. After a restful and rejuvenating sleep in the comfortable beds of your room or suite, take the first breath of the day filled with the aromas of thyme, sage and Cretan herbs from the window or the terrace of your room. Then head to the restaurant to enjoy your breakfast at Kapsaliana Village Hotel. Local products from local producers, cheese, yogurt, fresh bread, eggs, honey make your first meal of the day a delicious and energizing experience. Breakfast suggestions change daily so that you can try even more flavours of Crete.

After breakfast you can start exploring the sites of Kapsaliana Village Hotel. Discover the restored olive mill, which was built 250 years ago and was actually the main reason the village of Kapsaliana was built. Also visit the church and places nearby that are harmonically integrated with nature. You can watch the process of bread-making, visit the vegetable garden, shop local products or attend an olive oil tasting session.

Depending on the season, you can spend the day by the pool of Kapsaliana Village Hotel, or exploring the surrounding area. The pool- bar of Kapsaliana Village Hotel in summer and the lounge in winter are preparing light snacks, fresh juices, coffees and drinks for you all day round.

Noon. A light meal in the restaurant will fill you with the necessary energy to continue. You can also enjoy your meal in your room.

Afternoon. Ask for a bike and information on trails in the surrounding areas to start exploring the beautiful Cretan land. As you exit the hotel, you will immediately find yourself in a beautiful natural environment where olives, carob, trees, herbs and flowers are growing and you can take short or long trips. You can get to the Margarites village, which has a long tradition in pottery, and follow lessons on pottery making.

If you stay at the hotel and want more relaxation, you can do yoga or massage that will rejuvenate you in the best way, or take cooking lessons.

The nights at Kapsaliana Village Hotel are a feast for all the senses. Enjoy the Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine in the hotel restaurant. Under the stars or in the cosy interior ambiance of the restaurant you will experience a relaxing experience with your favourite drink or a glass of local wine.

Departure. People of Kapasaliana Village Hotel bid farewell in the warmest and most genuine way looking forward to your next visit and stay at the Kapsaliana Village Hotel.


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