Original flavours of Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine


Cretan flavours


The Restaurant : The restaurant of the Kapsaliana Village Hotel is the ideal spot to discover the local cuisine and enjoy unique gastronomic experiences from morning till night. Let us begin our culinary adventure.

Breakfast : The restaurant of the Kapsaliana Village Hotel in Crete offers a highly tempting buffet for breakfast, full of local products, freshly made breads, local cheeses (like the Cretan ricotta and the famous gruyere), eggs, fresh fruits, jams, honey, cold deli meats (like apaki and syglino), cereals and juices.

Lunch. During lunch time at the restaurant you will find delicious snacks and dishes made with local products from small farms and the vegetable garden of the hotel. The chef follows the principles of Slow Food, preparing delicious Cretan dishes with local products and raw materials that are carefully selected and cooked in a unique way.

Dinner : Your evening meal at the restaurant is a unique experience. The menu á la carte offers a great variety of delicious Cretan dishes for dinner. Start with raki, the favourite drink of the island, and traditional appetizers. Enjoy dishes like chicken with yogurt, raisins and purslane, roasted lamb or goat and many vegetarian dishes. Finish with a dessert from a recipe coming from the Minoan era: the « gastrin » is made with dried fruits and is the ancestor of the famous Greek dessert called baklavas.

Menu- degustation : Every night 4 to 5 special dishes are prepared so that you can savour even more flavours. Also, every Thursday a special menu- degustation with dishes from the Cretan cuisine are accompanied with the appropriate wine from the local vineyard offering a unique gastronomic experience.

Olive oil tasting : In the Kapsaliana Village Hotel we organize tasting sessions to discover all the secrets and unique flavours of olive oil produced in Crete and the region. With dark green or golden colours, full of flavour and density, the olive oils of the island will enchant you.

Private dinner : Do you want to enjoy a meal just for you and your loved ones or a private dinner for two? In the restaurant of the Kapsaliana Village Hotel you have the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary gastronomic experiences created exclusively for you.

The atmosphere : The restaurant of Kapsaliana Village Hotel in Crete is decorated in earthy colour tones, with wood, stones and elements from the everyday life on the island and the Kapsaliana village. Here you will take delight in Cretan culinary experiences in both the indoor and outdoor spaces of the restaurant.

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the pool bar


The Living Room : A beautiful living room has been created at the spot where the old private olive mill used to be. Furnished with comfortable sofas, it is an ideal place for your drink, coffee, tea all day long. The olive mill facilities have been converted into a living room with fireplace, comfortable armchairs and sofas, TV corner, books, DVDs, music and magazines

Here you can spend carefree hours during your visit in the Kapsaliana Village Hotel, meet your friends and family, organize and schedule your excursions or play games. The imposing atmosphere of the lounge will be your favourite place during your stay.

The Pool Bar : During summer, the pool bar of Kapsaliana Villlage Hotel serves colourful cocktails, fresh juices and fresh coffees while you relax by the pool of the Kapsaliana Village Hotel.

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the cretan



The Cretan diet is considered to be the healthiest in the Mediterranean region. The unique products of the Cretan land and combination of flavours render the Cretan cuisine one of the most interesting aspects of your stay on the island. Olive oil, honey, meat, vegetables,

fresh fish, dairy products such as cheese and butter, sausages prepared in the traditional way throughout the year offer unique flavours and aromas.

The truth is that once you start to experience the dishes of traditional Cretan cuisine you cannot stop. Small appetizers that accompany the most famous drink of the island, raki, salads with fresh vegetables and herbs that grow only on the island, dishes with meat and variety of desserts make every meal a delicious Cretan experience you will not forget.

At the Kapsaliana Village Hotel we love the Cretan cuisine and its products. We want our customers to discover all the authentic Cretan delights. Do not hesitate to ask us for anything you need to know and where to find authentic tastes of Crete. Do not leave the island without buying some of these delicious products of the island from our special corner


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