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The art of nature and hospitality at Kapsaliana Village Hotel. Welcome to Kapsaliana Village Hotel, a picturesque village in Crete rewrites its history. Welcome to a corner of the island full of tradition, history and authenticity, created by gods and humans.

A unique place of natural beauty, peace and tranquility, where accommodation facilities are fully harmonized with the enchanting landscape.

With full respect to the authenticity and village’s long presence throughout centuries, we have given new life and breath to a piece of land which stands out for its uniqueness and distinctive character all over Crete. Welcome to Kapsaliana Village Hotel, an exceptional hotel settlement that follows the traces of the past, fully inspired and beautifully integrated with its natural environment.

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The transformation






The reinvention, restoration and restructuring of Kapsaliana Village historical hotel in Rethymnon was a lengthy process which took the better part of four decades. Not a small feat, nor an easy task, it involved diligent planning, painstaking work, loads of love, abundant patience, persistence and creative thinking and perhaps a dose of ingenious cunning.

The 21st century version of Rethymnon Kapsaliana, though serving a different function, has preserved the settlement’s initial architecture and spatial planning.

The olive oil mill, church, utility rooms and former residences have been gradually transformed into an opulent -yet not ostentatious- complex of rooms and suites, a restaurant, a swimming pool and lounge area; with due respect to the vernacular building methods and techniques and the use of natural, time honoured, materials, such as wood, stone and terracotta.

Characterized by Presidential Decree as of “High Cultural Value”, Kapsaliana Village hotel is an iconic example of traditional Cretan architecture featuring clear geometric volumes, one or two-storey structures interconnected with courtyards, stone stairs and carved arches.

Though archetypal of the past, Kapsaliana Village hotel is in effect timeless: An ageless community in which time stands still; and which has the power to charm visitors from all over the planet.

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